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24 thoughts on “Antwerp – Belgium

  1. I like the way you pictured the statue, the man seems to be walking on the roof!
    Beautiful city, a great mix of old and new, and a pleasant atpmosphere.

    BTW, Congrats to your daughter!!You must be so proud of her!


  2. I love your travels and the utterly charming places you share with us. You always brighten my day :^) Hope you have a wonderful weekend Cezar and Leia!


  3. I want to fly in to Antwerp and stay at the Hilton so I can get a ride in that magnificent carriage!

    And I want to spend an afternoon along that river on one of those benches with my camera in hand.

    I'd also like to walk the streets of this fine city, drink in the atmosphere, the buildings, the statuary.

    Quite a magnificent post of a magnificent city!


  4. Wonderful captures as always, Leia! I love your composition in the second shot! The stature does indeed seem to be walking on the roof! And what a beautiful old carriage! I'd love to take ride around Antwerp in that! Hope you and Cezar have a great weekend!!


  5. Seeing the people walking around the statue sure give it perspective. It is huge. I love the charm of the horse-drawn wagon and bicycles for transportation. 🙂


  6. Fantastic photos of Antwerp. I have never been to Belgium but after this lovely tour I am ready to pack my bags 🙂 I wish!


  7. The wonderful allee and the fascinating statue are the images that got my interest today. The allee is easy to understand and appreciate. But, what is going on with that statue?


  8. Interesting place I'll likely never get to visit.

    Quick question: do you have any more information on that statue? It looks almost, but not entirely, like the dude on top just threw something, which seems weird given the rest of it. Any place where I could find a few more views?

    Just wondering…


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