Sunday Gourmand – Cuisses de canard au four

Cuisses de canard au four 
( grilled duck legs )


25 thoughts on “Sunday Gourmand – Cuisses de canard au four

  1. Hmmmm!!! I'm hungry now!! That does looks delicious, Leia! Terrific capture! Hope you and Cezar are enjoying a wonderful weekend! Give Luna a pat for Sam and I!



  2. Gourmand you are! What a delightful dish. Unless, of course, you're a duck. Then, I would say, you'd probably pray, before a fork in you stuck. 🙂

    I like duck. Lois is a vegetarian. She likes veggies. So if we should arrive on schedule next week, I'll eat the duck and she'll eat the veggies. Oui? 🙂


  3. LOL in fact I don't eat red meat, but I like to make some cooking experiments, as here I have lots of free time watching programs about the French cuisine, chefs giving hints and so on.


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