Sunday Gourmand – Cod fish

Cod fish – “Bacalhau”
Typical in Portugal and very appreciated in Brazil.


26 thoughts on “Sunday Gourmand – Cod fish

  1. You folks are gourmands for sure. What a great meal – especially with all those veggies! I'm going to go eat my cold cereal for breakfast now!

    Did I tell you how much I like your new profile shot? I do, I do!

    Hope you're having a good Sunday!


  2. Yes, thank you for the invitation to your internet “restaurant”! I am busy enjoying this beautifully illustrated meal… so far it tastes utterly delightful :^)


  3. What a delicious post for the day! The Bacalhau is one of my favorite! Wonderful captures as always, Leia! Give Luna a pat for Sam and I!! Hope you've had a great weekend!


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