Views of town – Luxembourg


25 thoughts on “Views of town – Luxembourg

  1. I love this. New sights and insights of and about Luxembourg. That first pink house is my favorite, I think…love the stone work. It looks clean and cozy. The round building would be fun to check out – looks like apartments. Trouble is you never get anywhere; you just run around in circles. It would be hard to catch Luna!

    Very fine photos!


  2. I love your beautiful city, Leia, and your captures give us such a delightful look at it! Thanks for sharing it with us! Enjoy a great week!!


  3. So pretty! The vines and statue on the wall of the first building are attractive. Makes me curious about the yard below it. I would imagine it to be a lovely sitting place for morning coffee. I am also fascinated by the round apartment building. Would be an interesting and unique change.


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