Le Château de Vianden – Luxembourg



35 thoughts on “Le Château de Vianden – Luxembourg

  1. Une magnifique architecture, et dans un endroit impressionnant! on dirait que les maisons viennent se placer sous sa protection..
    Bises, Leia!


  2. What a beautiful scene and such a terrific capture! Gorgeous chateau and the perfect setting! Hope the week is going well for you and Cezar, Leia! Enjoy!


  3. You know, it's not really fair that you have all these wonderful castles and rivers and shrines and monuments and I don't think we have a real castle anywhere in the country! 🙂

    I went to the link … what a history! Must have been a lot of work to restore it. Have you been inside?

    It's a gorgeous picture, too…what with the river, those beautiful houses, the woods and the mini-mountain.

    So, did everything go OK in Londontown?


  4. Is there a chance, Cezar and Leia, that we might meet up with you while we are in Bruges on the 24th and 25th of this month?


  5. It's SO steep but what a delightful view.
    Wishing you both a beautiful weekend.with lots of photo opportunities.


  6. What a beautiful place! Too bad the castle was build with security in mind, because they really do need some bigger windows to enjoy the view!
    Fantastic photo!


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