Verviers – Belgium

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27 thoughts on “Verviers – Belgium

  1. What impressive architecture and gorgeous buildings. This is a beautiful city, like so many European cities! And your photos are a delight.

    You might check Florida Fotos … there's something for you. 🙂


  2. What a lovely visit to Verviers you've taken us on, Leia!! Gorgeous captures of such a beautiful city!! Thank you for the tour!! Hope you've had a great week!



  3. I didn't remember that it was such a nice town ! Probably I had other things in my mind it must have been in my teenage years that I have been there.


  4. You find so many beautiful cities, Leia. The building in the middle of this series looks like it has some fine statuary.


  5. Très jolie série pour un endroit qui semble contenir de bien jolis monuments à admirer!
    Et en plus le ciel était magnifique!
    Bravo et merci pour le partage, les amis.

    BISOUS et BON weekend****


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