Windsor Castle – UK

“All pictures are contributions of our daughter Marina”

Windsor Castle at Wikipedia
Windsor Castle website

33 thoughts on “Windsor Castle – UK

  1. Lovely images! The autumn leaves really enhance the landscape. Is that a miniature crown on top of the sconce?

    Tell Marina – “Well done!” 😉


  2. Kudos to Marina!

    My first reaction was, “Ah, home sweet home.” Then my wife reminded me I'd never lived there. I asked, “Not even in a previous life?”

    She said, “No!”

    I said, “Well, maybe I'm related to one of the kings or queens.”

    She said, “Ha! There was a TV show called 'The King of Queens.' Maybe that's what you are thinking of.”

    I said, “You're no fun. I like this little castle.”

    She walked away shaking her head and giggling.


  3. Ah ! I loved the castle ! I have been there just one day after Prince Edward got married in the little church there it still was full of flowers !


  4. Please thank Marina for her lovely captures of Windsor Castle!! She obviously is following her parents into photography and doing it very well! That is wonderful, Leia!! Hope your week is going well!



  5. I think the first and third pictures would make a really good pair – its the red colour that catches the eye.

    Stewart M – Australia


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