The Westvleteren Brewery – Vleteren, Belgium

Trappist monks from the Catsberg monastery, located in France, 
founded the St Sixtus monastery in 1831. 
In 1838, the brewing at Westvleteren commenced.

The brewery and its beers are usually referred to as Westvleteren. 
The brewery’s three beers have acquired an international 
reputation for taste and quality, as well as the limited availability 
of the beers which are not brewed to normal commercial demands.

Information about the Abbey and how 
does one reserve beer here.

It’s not easy to buy this Trappist beer!
Fortunately today, we found our way
to get them! 😉


23 thoughts on “The Westvleteren Brewery – Vleteren, Belgium

  1. How fortunate you were able to visit and sample their beer Leia . I love the elegant drinking glasses.
    I don't have a Facebook page for my “All Thing French” blog but perhaps I should set one up ….. hoping your week is going well. xx


  2. If you want to visit all breweries in Belgium, then “Bon courage” there are sooooo many ! Don't try out all the beers, hic !


  3. You are tempting me terribly. But it's too early in the morning for a beer and I don't think they sell Westvleteren Beer in this area!

    Love that last photo – how you can see the bubbles in the foam and the deep, rich colors.

    Hope you're weekend is everything you want it to be!


  4. It's interesting just how many monasteries seem to brew beer. Like all above j'adore the glasses, they look so much more elegant than usual beer glasses. Salut!


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