Jaunpass – Switzerland


23 thoughts on “Jaunpass – Switzerland

  1. What a pretty winter postcard! I'd like to go back there after a long walk in snow , and have a hot chocolate in front of the fire…

    (Got an other pc from you today.THANKS!)
    Hugs from Nice


  2. Beautiful snowy mountains, wonderful skies and clouds and the perfect capture!! A winter wonderland indeed!! Have a lovely weekend!!


  3. I'll pass if I have to cross Juanpass! Rugged terrain, especially in the winter. I wonder if this pass was name for someone named Jaun? Or maybe an Hispanic man named Juan and they misspelled the name? Maybe I should quit now. 🙂


  4. Great scenery. Have you used the 'tilt shift' effect here?

    We are expecting snow this weekend, so I might get to see a scene like this, minus the mountains sadly


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