Eindhoven Cathedral – Netherlands

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20 thoughts on “Eindhoven Cathedral – Netherlands

  1. Such a gorgeous cathedral, Leia, and your captures are superb!! Marvelous colored glass windows! Terrific captures as always! Hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend!


  2. Já aí estive e não me lembro nada. Bem sei que já passaram muitos anos, mas nem uma foto tenho… 🙂


  3. Beautiful stained glass windows! Unfortunately many of these old churches are now used as warehouses:(

    You know I never was inside of this church? I remember Den Bosch ('s Hertogenbosch) better, because as a teen I had some friends there.


  4. I would love to hear the bells too. And such gorgeous stained glass windows!

    Wishing you a beautiful new week, you beautiful couple. 🙂


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