St.Ursanne – Switzerland

St.Jean bridge – built in 1728

Saint Ursanne at Wikipedia

24 thoughts on “St.Ursanne – Switzerland

  1. Beautiful captures of a such a lovely place, Leia!! I do so enjoy the places you share with us!! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!!


  2. C'est très Suisse, et en même temps, les toits, de l'autre coté du pont, font un peu penser au Périgord.


  3. I love being asked along on your travels. Lovely photos as always. Especially like the arch framing that one at the top!


  4. This is a very old village, it appears. My goodness, that bridge is older than I am! 🙂

    The picture of the river is fabulous–great colors and that low-lying cloud makes it so scenic. This would make a great pic to hang on a wall!

    Europe certainly has a lot of religious icons, decorations, mementos. Very interesting.


  5. What a gorgeous town you've shown us here. I loved all those photos of the pretty buildings and the bridge over the river. Have a great week my sweet friends 🙂


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