Lleida – Spain

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18 thoughts on “Lleida – Spain

  1. You guys sure do get around! Switzerland one day and Spain the next. I'm impressed (and a wee bit jealous! :-))

    This is another wonderful series of photos of another most interesting city. I especially like the 2nd shot – the panorama of the city. It looks like a picture that was taken on slide film back in the 1950s or 1960s. Enchanting!

    Tell Luna she's welcome!


  2. I love Gattina's comment. How true! 😉

    Lovely series. I'm amazed at the housing (apartments/flats?) in the second image. I've never seen living quarters so dense and so many stories tall. That's what happens when you are raised in a small Midwest community.

    Did you, by chance, photograph the arched doorway up close in your last image? I'll bet the star decorations looked magical at night time.



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