Würzburg – Germany

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24 thoughts on “Würzburg – Germany

  1. Beautiful buildings and terrific captures, Leia! I do love the first one!! Thanks for another great visit! Have a good week!


  2. Very beautiful pictures ! Have been in Würzburg as a child and don't remember anything ! I have the renovation of Waterlloo battle field on my blog today ! When it's finished it will be terrific !


  3. The architecture is varied but always beautiful. Tres magnifique! Love the ornamentation on the building in that first shot! Those windows are so impressive. Looks like it might be a hotel.

    And the church in the 2nd shot is rather different than other European churches, I think. But so striking.

    I love the way your framed the last photo — looking straight into the architectural grandeur of the church!

    Great photos, Leia, of a fine-looking city!


  4. Très belle série!
    Des monuments superbes!
    J'aime beaucoup l'atmosphère de la dernière photo que je trouve très artistique!
    C'est une très belle composition! Bravo les amis!

    Re-BISOUS et à bientôt****


  5. You two travel to such awesome places! What charm and beauty! The last picture is sensational… excellent photographic skill and technique :^)


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