17 thoughts on “Lenzburg Castle – Switzerland

  1. dear leia,

    thank you for this lovely pictorial tour.
    i thoroughly enjoyed your photos. switzerland is indeed magical.
    it makes me want to go there.


    and have a great weekend~


  2. Je suis allée voir le lien parce que je voyais beaucoup de détails médiévaux et purée, il est vieux même s'il a été remanié ! C'est superbe !


  3. Wow, a moat and a drawbridge. Just what a castle is supposed to have! Lovely photos, as usual. These places must have hundreds of nooks and crannies ready to be explored. And the history – boy, if those walls could talk! Great fun.

    I've heard that invading armies sometimes get so frustrated at a castle like this they start climbing the walls! 🙂


  4. What a wonderful castle and I love all the details you've shown — a moat and a drawbridge!! I agree with Lowell, just what a castle is supposed to have!!! Marvelous captures for the day!! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!


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