Valenciennes – France

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  1. I'm very surprised by the very rich and beautiful architecture! I don't know this place, but like Ciel, now I'd like to visit it!


  2. Valenciennes appears to be a quiet and even sedate city. There's not much traffic in your pictures nor are there a lot of people out and about.

    Then I read the Wikipedia link. The city has a most interesting history and has seen much travail during it's life on this planet.

    Hopefully, humans can stop trying to conquer other people and live in peace.

    Last evening, we watched our HGTV channel, and followed a story about a young couple from New York City who moved to Luxembourg because the husband was transferred for his job. The wife gave up her career to write a novel and become a photographer and started a travel blog. It was most interesting. Luxembourg is an expensive place to live, though.


  3. I don't know Valencienne, but it looks very nice ! Today we had the first sunshine since ages and it's getting warmer ! Youpee !


  4. A lovely place with such interesting history! Terrific captures as always, Leia! I'd really enjoy visiting here, your photos are the next best thing to being there! Hope you have a great week!


  5. Another beautiful place you've shown us. The church architecture is quite impressive as is the building facade in the last image. Looks like it was a lovely day when you were there!



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