Domburg – Netherlands



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20 thoughts on “Domburg – Netherlands

  1. When I think of beaches, I think of Florida's hot, sunny beaches. These looks so bleak and cold and everyone I see is all bundled up. I'm sure they are crowded in the summertime, though, oui?

    That poor lady (who reminds me of my 2nd-grade teacher) looks rather lonely on that bench! 🙂


  2. Looks like a sweet village to explore! The cloudy skies are just like here. 😉 It looks cold and windy along the shore but not bad enough to keep people away.

    Hope you have a fun weekend ahead!



  3. Je ne peux pas m'empecher de voir les bancs! :o)
    Belle journée d'hiver, bien froide! mais apres , le chocolat chaud doit etre bienvenu!!:o)
    Merci pour ta jolie carte!
    Gros bisous!


  4. The beach is always a great place for a walk. I enjoyed these photos very much as my heart is always at the ocean. Loved the photos and liked the statue on the bench very much. Wishing you a great weekend my friends 🙂


  5. Bon contrairement à Grace je pense qu'un peu de soleil n'aurait pas fait de mal… 🙂 Super ce banc, je pense qu'il va paraître chez VP !


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