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30 thoughts on “Monaco

  1. Oh, it looks wonderful!! Would love to be there! Your photos are always the next best thing to being there, Leia!! Hope your week is going well!


  2. The first photo looks just like a shot we saw in a movie recently. Such a beautiful place! The palace is really over the top – incredible! I hope you were able to get inside and look around!

    I remember when Grace Kelly decided to marry the prince. That was a really big deal in this country.

    Have fun on your break. Stay safe. Take lots of photos – guess I don't need to say that! :))


  3. What a lovely place. I always first think of Princess Grace when I hear of Monaco.

    Quite a variety of ships in the harbor. Just pick one! 😉

    Enjoy your break. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about it.



  4. That's an awesome view of the harbor, and the palace looks formidable.

    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, and I wish you a beautiful week ahead.


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