Middelburg – Netherlands

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26 thoughts on “Middelburg – Netherlands

  1. Looks rather gray and cool! Nice town, though. The building in the first shot has to be a school or a government building of some kind, right?

    Love the canal and the reflections in that second shot and the church tower towering over the buildings in the 3rd shot!

    Hope you're weekend has started off nicely!


  2. You make my day! This is the city I went to school in 5th grade, and a whole new world opened up to me (coming from a little country village). The tower of the gothic church is called the tall John (de lange Jan). At that time it was the tallest building in town.


  3. What a lovely town! I really like the facade on the building in your first image.

    Sorry to be slow in getting around – Mike and I were gone for a brief holiday and the wi-fi service at the inn was horribly slow.



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