Ghent – Belgium

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25 thoughts on “Ghent – Belgium

  1. You ask me if I've
    Ever gone to Ghent
    No, I haven't but
    I wish that I had went
    'Tis a city very pretty
    With folks so cool & witty
    But I'm sure that in a day or two
    My money would be spent.

    I'd say a little more
    But out of shape I'm bent
    I know I'm supposed to sacrifice
    In this time of Lent
    But to lose it all so rapidly
    In a Belgian town named Ghent
    Is not what the priest suggested
    Nor is it what he meant.

    Maybe after Easter
    I'll go to London town
    And I will stop and
    Search in every single loo,
    I'll also search in churches,
    Cafe and bistros, too
    For all the money I have lost
    And which I must recoup.

    Happy Easter! 🙂


  2. Wow! So beautiful and interesting buildings! I would like to visit this place!
    Thanks for your comments on our posts!
    Happy Easter!


  3. Lovely place. I really love those old buildings and feeling to walk there.
    But – do you want a litlle bit snow there? 😀


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