Ghent – Belgium

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22 thoughts on “Ghent – Belgium

  1. I was in Ghent last week. It sure looks better in your photo than it did in last week's bitter cold and gray skies.


  2. This city is looking like a small Amsterdam!Some pieces of architecture are wonderful!
    Bon week-end, chère Leia!


  3. That's got to be one of the fanciest, most ornate lamp posts I've ever seen. And the city is gracious and elegant. Love the canals, especially. Kinda like Amsterdam.

    Beautiful set of photos!


  4. great captures of the city, leia!!

    some years ago, i used to live in brussels. i particularly love bruges and the country.

    so i thoroughly enjoyed your post and your photos!

    happy weekend!:))


  5. Feels as if time has a different pace in this city. The sculpture must look great with the lights turned on.

    Please have you all a good weekend.


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