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  1. Looks as ugly as in Amsterdam in the new areas, where my son lives ! The sea is at a few meters ! but the houses …. !


  2. Are the orange flags still flying for the Royal celebrations Leia? It looks like the weather is warming up a little at long last 🙂 happy weekend to you both.


  3. Very interesting place…the orange and blue colors make me think of Gainesville, Florida. That's where the University of Florida is and their colors are orange and blue!

    Love that last shot with the couple and the little dog. Sure looks cold, though!


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    P.S. My favorite of yours lately was the Trans-Siberian trip!

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  5. VP has left a new comment on your post “Noordwijk – Netherlands”:

    I have sees so many beautiful cities in your pictures and I was asking myself if you ever visit some I will not like… Now I am quite satisfied: I do not like much Noordwijk, but you got some good pictures anyway!


  6. La ville ne parait pas très belle (reconstruite après la guerre, sans doute), mais heureusement la mer est là.


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