Loire Valley – France



16 thoughts on “Loire Valley – France

  1. Okay, now you're showing off! Magnifique! Both are wonderful panoramas and I like the different treatments, especially the moody, misty feeling in the first shot!


  2. Oh the Loire Valley, so wonderful Leia.. I love the way you've shown these two images to us today. So French, so beautiful. My weekend is almost over, but I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday.


  3. This is th real heart of France, a place full of history, with a very rich past.A part from my family is coming from there, I love this corner of France very much!


  4. So many places to explore. It is so wonderful that you two have these opportunities!

    I think you should do a little “photoshopping” of your header image. You should put Cezar and you in the gondola…and kissing! 😉

    Happy Sunday!


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