Royal Garrison Church – Portsmouth

Royal Garrison Church was constructed about 1212 as part of a hospital complex. 
Although the nave was badly damaged in a 1941 fire-bomb raid on Portsmouth,
 the chancel remains roofed and furnished. 

22 thoughts on “Royal Garrison Church – Portsmouth

  1. Good morning Leia!!!
    Very interesting picture.
    I am delighted architecture of the church.
    I wish you a pleasant, sunny day,.
    I send greetings.


  2. This is such an appealing sight, Cezar and Leia. In some odd way, I think I like it better open to the sky than if it were restored.


  3. It's hard to believe this place was originated so long ago. We tear everything down in about 20 years to put up more ticky-tacky stuff! 🙂

    Even without a roof the place is gorgeous. I don't suppose services are still held there or maybe only on sunny days? 😉

    Thank you for your very kind and generous comment! You made my day!


  4. It's a great thing that it was left standing after being damaged. They just don't build things this beautiful anymore. Not often anyway…


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