“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes,
 but in having new eyes.” 
(Marcel Proust)

The Principality of Liechtenstein at Wikipedia


21 thoughts on “Liechtenstein

  1. Fantastic photos !!!
    When I'm on vacation by my daughter in Switzerland (Chur), and we'll drive to Austria, so we'll drive always through Liechtenstein.
    I love mountains


  2. First re your new header. I just sit and drink that in…wow…where did you take that? From a hotel room?

    And these two mountain-valley-scapes: Dramatic and powerful. I really like the first one with the river winding through the valley and the colors in the sky. But they are both breath-taking!


  3. I like that quote and it is true: I had two eye surgeries in a month and my new voyage is just beginning!


  4. Did you know Liechtenstein is one of the 25 least visited states in the world? And it must be beautiful!


  5. Beautiful! I love the color and the mood you present here. Mountains are my favorite places… they are so majestic, and you can see forever it seems :^)


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