Bratislava – Slovakia

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18 thoughts on “Bratislava – Slovakia

  1. What a fun place. Love that sculpture in the first shot — looks like she's putting on makeup and looking in a mirror?

    The 2nd shot has all that golden light of late afternoon (or maybe early morning but I can't imagine you'd be up that early! ;))

    Don't know what to think of that ball in the 3rd photo. At first I thought it represented the earth, but the carving is all wrong. Nice fountain, though.

    And the 4th reminds me of my younger years in Los Angeles when electric street cars still roamed. I miss those!


  2. I visited Bratislava almost twenty years ago. It was quite different then, but already beautiful!


  3. I've never visited Bratislava. Thanks for the tour! (And thank you so much for all the nice comments you leave on my blog!)


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