Chimay – Belgium

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The Trappist beers of Chimay website


21 thoughts on “Chimay – Belgium

  1. Lovely landscape, cheese looks delicious .. mjmm

    Lovely, you placed up to the header the picture of lavender. It is really wonderful.


  2. Marvelous photos! Beautiful buildings and lovely scenery you've shared with us again. The last shot of the cheeses and drinks. How delicious! Wishing you a great day my friends 🙂


  3. What a gorgeous little town set in that pastoral countryside. Love that church with “1732” on the front…looks like you could sit outside and listen to the sermon. 🙂

    I'll bet those various beers are excellent – the bread doesn't look bad, either!


  4. Great photos, Leia, and especially the beer and cheese photo.

    I love the lavender fields in your new banner photo.


  5. Signs of a midwesterner (me)…I like that there is a cafe near the church – social gathering after church services! 🙂

    Lovely countryside!

    The cheeses and beers look wonderful! I'm not sure if the Trappists in the U.S. make beers, but I am familiar with their fabulous jams and preserves.

    I hope Luna was able to sample some of those cheeses! :-9


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