The cloister, Canterbury Cathedral – UK

Canterbury Cathedral at Wikipedia

23 thoughts on “The cloister, Canterbury Cathedral – UK

  1. Oh, such an amazing and beautiful place, Leia, and your captures are superb as always! And, as always, thanks for sharing the beauty! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. How old , rich and beautiful is this architecture! i like to caress walls in such places , and to imagine all people walking there before me ..


  3. Wonderful pics of this beautiful and historic place. One can really see how it has aged in that first shot.

    Thank you for all your comments. I'm taking a break for awhile. Hope all goes well with you!


  4. So much beauty! I love the stone walls in your last image.

    Have I mentioned lately how I need to get out of these corn fields?! lol! Truly, I appreciate your travels and photos!



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