Wismar – Germany

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20 thoughts on “Wismar – Germany

  1. Such a beautiful and colorful place, Leia, and what wonderful blue, blue skies! Your captures are superb as always!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great week ahead!


  2. Lovely and fascinating architecture! I'm intrigued by the house over the stream – is it a house or a fancy bridge?


  3. What a beautiful sky ! It seems to be a really nice and calm place… I could sit there and get a look on these lovely colorful houses…
    Happy Monday!


  4. Okay, you've really done it this time. What a fabulous city and your photographs are absolutely gorgeous! The colors are perfect – nicely saturated up against that blue sky.

    Love that house across the canal. My favorite shot is the very first one…probably 'cause I love boats and water. But it's really the colors – so rich and glorious!


  5. hi leia, ah, your architectural photos are always worth the look.
    what a fantastic place, such gorgeous buildings and beautiful blue skies.

    have a great week ahead, dear leia.


  6. I'm imagining walking along the waterfront and taking in all the sounds, smells, and sights. There's probably some really good food around there, too! What a lovely village!



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