The Zeehondencrèche Lenie ‘t Hart, Pieterburen – Netherlands

The Zeehondencrèche Lenie ‘t Hart – Seals’ rehabilitation center
The center rescues seals that have been injured by boats or fishing nets and those that have been sickened
 due to pollution. All rehabilitated seals are released into the wild after their rehabilitation period, 
which lasts from several weeks to a maximum of six months. 
None of the animals remain in captivity and none of the seals are bred. 

I took some photos through a glass window, thus sorry for the poor quality in those images.
The Zeehondencrèche Lenie ‘t Hart website

23 thoughts on “The Zeehondencrèche Lenie ‘t Hart, Pieterburen – Netherlands

  1. They are such beautiful animals and your captures are wonderful, Leia! It is so sad that so many suffer and die as a result of their environment! A wonderful post and photos for the day!


  2. Hello from Germany! This is the first time I have been able to get on line as I am using my niece's wi-fi connection and after a week of merriment celebrating her wedding, we are finally slowing down.

    It is lovely to be able to look at your beautiful photos again 🙂


  3. Thank heavens for these groups of people around the world who do such wonderful work with animals. Wonderful series of shots Leia, even through the glass window 🙂


  4. What a wonderful place!Many thanks to those who take care of those poor lovely seals!ANd thank you for sharing the info!


  5. That is so cool. I love seals – well, I love watching seals. There are hundreds of them that inhabit the rocks off of Monterey, California.

    In the Florida Keys there's a sanctuary for dolphins who have been injured or hurt.

    It is wonderful that people are involved in helping our animal cousins.


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