Algarve – Portugal


* pictures by our daughter Marina
Algarve at Wikipedia
Rock formations and caves – Algarve


18 thoughts on “Algarve – Portugal

  1. Beautiful captures of a beautiful place and it's obvious that Marina has her parent's talent with the camera!! Hope all of you have a wonderful week, Leia!


  2. Que lugar lindo! Meu avô materno nasceu no Algarve, minha irmã já foi passear por lá e encontrou parentes distantes! Obrigada por compartilhar!


  3. The south coast of Algarve is beautiful and the sea water is pretty warm but it's too crowded with tourists for my taste, that's why I always go to the west coast, the Vicentine Coast, which is much wilder. The water is cold there, but we can't have it all, can we? 🙂


  4. Your pictures give a warm feeling of summer!Love the light here.
    I've never been to Portugal, my hubby is thinking of it for our next holidays..

    Gros bisous !


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