Random pictures, Leeuwarden – Netherlands







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20 thoughts on “Random pictures, Leeuwarden – Netherlands

  1. Such a lovely stroll you've taken us on, Leia!! I'm ready to go shopping there!! I really like the doggie table, too!! A fun one for the day as well!! Have a great weekend!


  2. Wow, your photography is fantastic – so bright and sharp! I love that flag but also the bikers in the background! And the fruit – I've not seen any raspberries or blackberries looking that good here. The doggie bench makes me go “Woof!!!”

    Terrific post!


  3. It seems to be more of an outdoor life there where you were when you took the beautiful pictures. Nobody walks anywhere around here and a person riding a bicycle is as rare as an airplane parked in the garage.


  4. Such delightful bits of treasures and sights from Leeuwarden! The berries look scrumptious, and I love the black dress with polka dot accents! I can visualize my own mother wearing that dress with a big brimmed black hat to match. 🙂

    Thanks for your nice comment about my blog header photo. It is from a local park in our town.



  5. Wonderful photos again today! Those berries look real enough to grab through my computer's screen, and the dog bench? Hysterical.


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