Binz – Germany

“Binz is the largest seaside resort on the German island of Rügen”

Binz at Wikipedia

21 thoughts on “Binz – Germany

  1. What a lovely place to spend time! Love the beach! Delightful captures as always, Leia! Thanks for sharing!! Have a great new week!


  2. En France, quand on dit “Quel binz !” ce n'est pas très flatteur…mais en Allemagne, c'est plutôt joli.


  3. What a beautiful area. Reminds me a little of Florida's east coast – up near Jacksonville. The buildings are different, of course.

    It also looks funny to see some people bundled up in coats and others out in the water in swim suits!

    Fun place. I'll bet they serve good food in that restaurant!


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