St. Teresa’s Church, Dublin – Ireland

 Saint Teresa’s Church website
Saint Teresa’s Church Wikimapia
“St. Teresa’s have been serving the people of Dublin for over two hundred years. It offers now and will continue to offer a place of peace and prayer for all in need”…


17 thoughts on “St. Teresa’s Church, Dublin – Ireland

  1. A beautiful church and the contrast between the outside and inside is indeed different!! Wonderful captures as always, Leia!! Thanks for sharing!!


  2. It is indeed lovely – esp. the interior and your photos show off that loveliness very well. That's quite an altar area. It's hard to tell but it appears the altar is back against the wall so the priest would have his back to the congregation. Not many Roman churches do that anymore.


  3. I love the facade and its rose window! I think this is the first time I've seen an altar designed as Jesus' tomb.


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