St. Nicholas’ Church, Ghent – Belgium

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24 thoughts on “St. Nicholas’ Church, Ghent – Belgium

  1. Quite a place. The third one — shooting upward into a tower — and the fourth one — the statues — are wonderful. As is your terrific new banner photo.


  2. What a fabulous church and fantastic photos! More than anything else, it's the tall windows which I adore. The light inside must be wonderful all day.


  3. Ta quatrième photo donne le vertige! Quelle belle église! Chaque detail est magnifique.
    La seule chose bizarre, c'est la cloche dans son abri en béton, ça choque!
    Bisous et bon week-end, Chère Léia!


  4. Superb photographs of this magnificent structure! You really got creative here – great compositions that give one the feeling you could reach out and touch! Love that pipe organ and I can just imagine how that sounds with a triumphal hymn.

    I got to thinking, though, that this place must take a lot of effort to maintain…it's so big and there's so many statues and nooks and crannies.

    Also, a question: Is this Santa's church? I was always told that Santa was really Saint Nicholas. 🙂


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