Portsmouth – UK

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21 thoughts on “Portsmouth – UK

  1. Great captures as always, Leia!! Looks like an interesting place! Hope you've have a lovely weekend and that you're ready for a great week!


  2. I love both pictures, really great shots. So much to see on both of them. In the first the mural and the yellow boat are great eye-catchers, in the second you have a nice depth and lovely light.
    hugs, Hilde


  3. It seems to me that first shot belongs on your wall…it's iconic. The boat, the colors, the bird in the air, and that tavern – it all works together perfectly. Terrific composition!

    If I haven't told you before, I really like your profile pic with the mountains in the background!

    Thank you for your nice comments. Hope that you're continuing to have fun and that Cezar isn't working night and day! 🙂


  4. Both images so scenic! I would imagine it can be quite busy there at times. I very much like the mural on the building and all the flower pots along the tavern's balcony.

    I also like the design/style of the lamp posts in the second image. Very modern looking and so different from what I am used to seeing.



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