Bratislava Architecture – Slovakia

The Bratislava City Museum courtyard

The Bratislava City Museum at Wikipedia
Bratslava at Wikipedia

22 thoughts on “Bratislava Architecture – Slovakia

  1. Wonderful captures of a such a beautiful place — beautiful blue skies as well!! You always take us on delightful tours, Leia!! Hope your week is going well!!


  2. Your photo composition skills are on display here. Well done! And that blue sky! Wow! The courtyard shots remind me of that military museum in Paris.

    Hope you're having a great day and Cleo and Cassie send hugs to Luna!


  3. I have been there a long time ago, thanks for these beautiful photos reminding me of a very good period of my life.


  4. Those lanterns are really special. You used them nicely in those photos. I have not been to Bratislava but it is on my list . . .


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