Guinness, Dublin – Ireland

Beef and Guinness Pie brings together two of Ireland’s most famous products,
 Irish beef and the dark stout.
 Guinness at Wikipedia

19 thoughts on “Guinness, Dublin – Ireland

  1. MMmmmmmm!! Looks delicious!! All of my ancestor were from Ireland, always wanted to go there, but never made it! Thanks for sharing — your pics are the next best thing to being there, Leia!! Hope your weekend is going well!!


  2. I've heard a lot about Guinness but I've never tasted it. My life is probably incomplete. 🙂

    Wonderful shots of this place and I would guess you enjoyed the food from that last picture!

    I'm taking a break for awhile. Stay well!


  3. The last time I was in Dublin was on a Good Friday. Everything was closed, so I took 3 double decker bus tours around town (all on the same bus–in different seats) and got lots of nice photos, including photos of the closed distillery?!?


  4. Leia, really thank you for your nice and warm comments.
    Oh you show the same goodies. I really like beer.
    Your pictures are great.
    Have a nice, quiet night.
    Good night.


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