Cardiff – Wales

Some silence in the air…we had just arrived at the castle entrance five minutes after it was closed.
Somehow disappointed but impressed by the mysterious atmosphere around the Castle at night.
The combination of wet and windy night was just a perfect inspiration and I let my imagination fly.



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23 thoughts on “Cardiff – Wales

  1. Well, you may have been a bit too late to get in, but you still were able to take some beautiful images of this magical place! The bear in the last shot is great – it looks so curious!


  2. It's wonderful to hear from you!
    Have a very wonderful 2014!
    I enjoyed my stay in Cardiff. When I looked at the telephone book, I discovered that my heritage must have been Welsh, rather than Scottish as I had been led to believe.


  3. The eyes of the bear are afire! Sorry you missed the tour, but the area around the castle was probably enough to make up for it.


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