Moscow – Russia

Some pictures from our trip to Moscow in 2006.


 Kremlin Troitskaya tower 


Novodevichy Monastery 


Novodevichy Monastery
 Kremlin, Ivan the Great bell tower, Tsar’s bell and Cathedral of Archangel Michael


 Kremlin Eternal Flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier


Moscow River

17 thoughts on “Moscow – Russia

  1. These are priceless…what a trip that must have been. I've not been to Moscow, so I really appreciate your photos – these are almost all places I've heard of and read about!



  2. I have always considered Moscow a very fascinating city, but quite scary. You are showing us the fascinating part very well!


  3. Never been to Moscow. It must be a very beautiful and interesting city, with beautiful architecture. And as I heard with several World Heritage Sites, like the Moscow Kremlin!
    hugs, Hilde


  4. Gorgeous! There have been discussions about going to St. Petersburg and Moscow this summer, but so far I don't think they have reached high enough on the list of potential destinations that they will be chosen.


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