Algarve – Portugal

I’m so tired of these grey winter days, so I decided to review some pictures from last Summer.

Algarve at Wikipedia

18 thoughts on “Algarve – Portugal

  1. Sunny and beautiful, lovely skies and just the way I remember it! Wonderful captures as always, Leia!! Hope your week is going well!



  2. These are so beautiful and it looks like a lovely city. I'm sure you've brought some cheer and warmth to many folks today!


  3. I must admit it's pleasant to see some summer scenes after all the rain we got! A rest for eyes and mind! thank you!:o)


  4. Oh, they are wonderful summertime images! I would love to be there, too!

    I could send you some of our sunshine but I don't think you'd like it…it comes with a 0 degree temperature and wind chill of minus 20 degrees F today. Yes, I'm staying inside, even though it looks very pretty outside. 🙂



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