The Roman Villa Borg – Perl-Borg, Germany

The Roman Villa Borg is a reconstructed Roman villa rustica.

There is a museum and a Roman tavern.

Read more about the excavation work and reconstruction at The Roman Villa Borg website.


20 thoughts on “The Roman Villa Borg – Perl-Borg, Germany

  1. Beautiful place, wonderful blue skies and lovely captures for the day, Leia!! Thanks, as always, for sharing the beauty! Have a great week!!


  2. Aha! You've been out traveling again! And you do know how to travel! Did you stay in this “villa”?

    It's huge and very beautiful. I like the simple lines and the peaceful look of the place. Even the female sculpture sitting by the pond exudes a sense of serenity.

    Your photographs are beautiful, too – the colors pop and they are nice and sharp!

    Nice to have you posting again after a brief respite!


  3. I'm a great fan of roman history. So you can imagine how much I'd like to visit such a place!Romans !
    They created everything , and today we still have many things from them in our everyday life, especially here in south..


  4. unbelievable that the Romans could build such beautiful villas! it's really wonderful. Did you visit the inside also?
    hugs, Hile


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