Visiting "Swarovski Crystal Worlds" – Wattens, Austria


“For Swarovski Crystal Worlds, the multimedia artist André Heller designed 14 
Chambers of Wonder dedicated to the versatile artistic interpretation of the material crystal. 
The result is a universe of discoveries and a simply unique experience with every visit.”














Swarovski Kristallwelten Website

Address: Kristallweltenstrasse 1 A- 6112  Wattens, Austria
*Swarovski Crystal Worlds are just a few minutes from Innsbruck by car.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds will remain open for visitors until October 5. 
There will be a closing time for expansion from October 6, 2014 until end of April 2015.

Virtual Tour here

13 thoughts on “Visiting "Swarovski Crystal Worlds" – Wattens, Austria

  1. Hello Leia and Cezar!
    Swarovski trip to the museum is an unforgettable memory.
    It was there, my husband bought me beautiful earrings.
    Wonderful are your photos.
    I wish you a pleasant and unforgettable Sunday.
    Greetings from Polish.


  2. What a fun, delightful place to visit!! Wonderful captures for the day as always, Leia!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great new week!


  3. How I would love to visit this place. I have a few pieces of Swarovski jewelry that my sister bought for me years ago, and they are my most precious gift. Great photos 🙂


  4. Have you shown photos of this place before? I've never been there but I've heard of it and always thought it would be a fun place to visit. We have a couple small Swarovski pieces (they're expensive!) encased in glass in our home. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures!


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