Fribourg – Switzerland

St. Nicolas Cathedral, Fribourg – here
More images from Fribourg – here

Fribourg at Wikipedia
Fribourg Tourism website
Myswitzerland website


13 thoughts on “Fribourg – Switzerland

  1. A lovely old city, wonderful captures and a great post for the day, Leia!! Hope your week is off to a great start!! Enjoy!


  2. Thanks for the photo-tour of this gorgeous place. As always, your photos are fantastic. I love those houses that are clinging to the cliff side.


  3. I marvel at how different living one's life must be in a place like this compared to a small city in Florida. The structures are so magnificent…especially as seen in the first shot, and the scenery is spectacular, and it's all so delightful. Your photos are very well done and presented!

    I'm posting a bit on L & L Photography – on the Blog page.

    Have a super weekend with Marina!


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