Thun, Switzerland

In Luxembourg, “November rain” was in fact NOVEMBER RAIN!
Fed up with the weather, we went a bit south to enjoy a weekend with delicious sunshine!
Oh que oui! 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Thun, Switzerland

  1. I'm sitting back in my chair, stunned by these absolutely gorgeous photographs! What a place to visit and you have captured it so beautifully with your camera. Each of these could be a postcard!

    And the reflections! Perfection. The water looks like glass. The colors are magnificent. You've composed each of these shots so well!

    Every one is a delight to look at – so many things of interest. The first, third and fourth are my favorites, I think, just because of the reflections.

    Great fun! Thank you for sharing!


  2. What a beautiful place, Leia!! Lowell has already said everything I feel for your photos and they are superb as always!! Thank you so much for sharing the beauty!! Have a great week!!


  3. What fabulous pictures , Leia! They're a balm for mind, as we too here had and are still having right now A LOT of rain !I should think about travelling there ! :o)


  4. Cezar and Leia, your photos are simply beautiful! You have wonderful reflections and great skies, along with very pretty structures.


  5. What stunning, gorgeous places! And the water is so clear in your second image. Beautiful blue skies, as well as a warm sunset. 🙂

    Very little rain here in our November, but hugely dreary, gray days. Very depressing and was unseasonably frigid. Thankfully, it's back up to 'normal' cold for this time of year.

    Hope all is well at your end. 🙂



  6. j'adore les photos, les réflections dans l'eau et les vues superbes sur les montagnes. Ma photo préferée est la dernière, un coucher de soleil super beau!


  7. What a great sunshine ! (If only we would have like it, but no..)
    So lovely photos in beautiful place. The reflections are lovely and the houses too. (I miss Switzerland. )


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