Creating my own postcards of Luxembourg

Lately, I’ve been amusing myself editing some pictures and creating
 my own Luxembourg postcards. 
I hope you also enjoy then.


15 thoughts on “Creating my own postcards of Luxembourg

  1. I like very much the way you see things , and the way you make your cards !
    You have a romantic eye!
    J'arrête de bloguer pendant un long moment, ne t'inquiètes pas si tu n'as pas de nouvelles , tout va bien . J'espère que chez toi aussi .
    Gros bisous !


  2. My goodness, I think you've perfected the art of vintage-making! These are superb…I wouldn't be able to tell them from vintage postcards of years ago.


  3. Bonjour, Leia!

    Thank you so much for you nice comments…it's always a delight to hear from you.

    Re this post, I meant to say that my favorite postcard is the one with the bridge and water reflections and my second favorite is the last picture. But they are all superb!


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