An immersion in Beaux Arts at the Louvre, Paris – France

Since I moved to Luxembourg in 2009, 
I’ve visited Paris a couple of times and so, the Louvre.
I’ve already published posts with pictures from there, but today
 I’m showing you the Louvre with my heart!
 I do love this museum!

I love the fact you can take pictures inside the Louvre! 
Yes…you can bring home your favorite moments with your camera!
 I have lots of pictures and I would like to show you some of my “cup of tea” at the Louvre.

There is so much beauty to see at the Louvre.
 Last time, I enjoyed a lot the Hall Napoléon and Napoléon III Apartments for instance!
It’s always good to plan your visit and check the exhibitions and events on the Louvre’s site.

I’m including as usual some practical links but please keep one thing in mind
 if you are planing your trip to the Louvre: buy your ticket in advance! 
You don’t want to wait in long lines, right?
Online tickets Louvre website
Louvre at Wikipedia
Musée du Louvre official account Instagram

7 thoughts on “An immersion in Beaux Arts at the Louvre, Paris – France

  1. I love the photo of the people taking photos with their phones and tablets, it's so 2015. It it hard to imagine so much beauty contained in one place.


  2. More of your superb photography! We loved the Louvre and you took some of the same pictures we did — great minds run along the same track, right? Thanks for sharing and I hope that all goes well for you. We celebrated our 58th anniversary at Amelia Island and had a great time. Ther's a slide show on L and l Photography if you're interested. Best wishes to you all!


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