Luxembourg Winter Postcards

Bonjour beautiful people!

Things have been quite hectic for me this month. I mean, I did not have “that perfect time” doing things that I usually LOVE to do, like editing my pictures and creating my Luxembourg Postcards. Nevertheless I have some creations that I like a lot and I want to share with you today.

Hope you also enjoy my beloved Luxembourg!

Love and lights


2015-12-28 14.39.31-012015-12-28 12.02.31-012015-12-28 12.04.10-012015-12-28 11.32.29-012015-12-28 16.18.55-012015-12-10 10.32.53-01

Okay! Now I little pause for a coffee and we continue…




8 thoughts on “Luxembourg Winter Postcards

  1. So many beautiful postcards! I know what you mean by not finding the time… I started a new job in December and it’s sometimes hard to blog and work! I’m glad to find you here again though. 🙂


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