Ludwigsburg Palace and Baroque Gardens – Germany

During this Easter weekend we visited the city of Ludwigsburg in Germany. It is not far from Luxembourg, about 3:30 by car. A good hint for a weekend trip! Anyway if you came by train or flight from another place, you can use Stuttgart as base. The city is 12 km from Ludwigsburg and it’s also interesting to visit.

Ludwigsburg is really nice, I saw people smiling enjoying the beautiful day in cafes and restaurants. The main attraction in this city is the remarkable baroque palace and  lovely huge gardens. According to their official website, Ludwigsburg Palace is one of the largest Baroque buildings in Europe to survive in its original condition. I was impressed…so much to see there!

I also enjoyed a lot the nature, fountains, birds and those adorable flamingos ( I love flamingos)…and do not forget a peaceful pause for some cake and coffee! 😉

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Ludwigsburg official website

Ludwigsburg Palace at Wikipedia


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  1. Bonjour, Dear Leia! I decided, even though I’m on a hiatus, to check out your new blog today. I’m very glad I did! This is such a beautiful post. What a delightful city. 3:30 is nothing; that’s only 1/2 way to Miami from where we live! 🙂 Love your photos – so filled with color and light! That castle is absolutely amazing and your panoramic view is to die for. That is a postcard in itself. Thank you for sharing all of these picture. I feel like I’ve visited that city, too, now!


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