Visiting Larochette in Luxembourg.

Bonjour beautiful people!

Today I invite you all to visit a dreamy place called Larochette in Luxembourg.

The little city is so adorable and surrounded by such a beautiful nature.

Its main attraction is Larochette Castle: the ruins of Larochette Castle are perched on a sandstone promontory 150 metres above the Valley of the White Ernz. You can have a look at these websites: and Visit Luxembourg official website.

Now let’s dream of  delicate princesses,  brave warriors and knights…

Wishing you a lovely day in Larochette! And do not forget to enjoy a little pause in some of the charming cafés in the city!

Lights and love.







5 thoughts on “Visiting Larochette in Luxembourg.

  1. Thank you, dear Leia! I recall some of your photos of this area before and I’ve seen other photos online, but these photos are very special and it is a beautiful place and I wish we could join you in a tour; and that we could share one of those delicious desserts!

    Hope you are all well. Say “Hi” to C and M and L.


  2. Greetings to you all! Thanks so much for your nice comment Leia! It’s always great to hear from you. We are doing well and have an “all-clear” until the fall. Hope that you’re not working too hard, Cezar. Leia, you can apply for a job with the United Nations knowing all those languages. And we hope, too, that things are going well for Marina.

    You remain always in our hearts!



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