May 2016- Newsletter

Bonjour beautiful people!

Like that quote “So many things to do, so little time”, May is already saying bye bye and I’m still trying to catch up with my days! I don’t know about where you are ( you might tell me in your comments if want)…but in Luxembourg I’m still waiting to enjoy those warm and colourful days of Spring! The weather is crazy indeed! One day we had fog, sunshine, wind, heavy rain and even some ice! Poor Mother Nature! 🙂

Apart from the weather we  had family visiting us in Luxembourg and we also enjoyed some days off traveling to Italy, Germany and Switzerland. I will show you some pictures of the trips later.

For now, I would love to share some Luxembourg shots.

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Love and lights!



The “Melusina” by Luxembourgish artist Serge Ecker

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What about some coffee?  🙂




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  1. Greetings, dear Leia! Thanks so much for this posting. Your photos, as usual, are brilliant and make me want even more to visit Luxembourg. Sounds like you are especially busy…probably learning two or three more languages! 🙂 Hope that you and Cezar and Marina are doing well, and that Marina’s job search is bearing some fruit. We’re fine here. It’s hot, though, which is typical so I shouldn’t complain. Best wishes to you. Always good to hear from you. With love!

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